Central Tokyo map

Map of central Tokyo. Central Tokyo map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Central Tokyo map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Arranged around Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace of Tokyo, the central Tokyo has always been the seat of political and economic power. From Ginza grand shopping streets the storied geisha district of Kagurazaka, there is an atmosphere of confidence and elegance as its shown in central Tokyo map.
The outer moat of Edo Castle used to encircle much of central Tokyo as its mentioned in central Tokyo map. Today, apart from a few remnants between Akasaka and Iidabashi, it is mostly filled in. This tiny museum in central Tokyo -more a memorial—displays a big chunk of the original wall of the moat.
The Tokyo State Guest House (迎賓館, Geihinkan) is one of two state guest houses of the Japanese government alongside another one in Kyoto as its mentioned in central Tokyo map. Contained within the Akasaka Imperial Estate in central Tokyo, the Tokyo State Guest House serves to accommodate world leaders, diplomats and other guests of honor during their visits to Japan. When not in use, sections of the grand estate are open to the public, with visitors able to explore some of the opulent rooms, picturesque gardens and the Japanese-style annex.