Ikebukuro Tokyo map

Map of Ikebukuro Tokyo. Ikebukuro Tokyo map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Ikebukuro Tokyo map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Ikebukuro (池袋?) is a commercial and entertainment district in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan as its shown in Ikebukuro Tokyo map. Toshima ward offices, Ikebukuro station, and several shops, restaurants, and enormous department stores are located within city limits. The old village of Ikebukuro Tokyo stood to the northwest of the station. Most of the area on which modern Ikebukuro is built was historically known as Sugamo.

Map of Ikebukuro Tokyo

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Ikebukuro is in Tokyo Toshima ward and rivals Shinjuku just south of it in terms of vibrancy, shopping, dining and architecture as its mentioned in Ikebukuro Tokyo map. Ikebukuro also has various entertainment options. But while Shinjuku is ultra-urban anonymity, Ikebukuro has a more "neighborhood" touch. Ikebukuro's east side, the "Seibu exit," is dominated by the Seibu and Parco (including Loft) department stores, stretching about 450m (almost one third of a mile).