Tokyo area map

Map of Tokyo area. Tokyo area map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Tokyo area map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Tokyo is a huge city. In fact, it is better to think of Tokyo as a group of cities connected by a great transport system. Thus, it is really important to choose a good area in which to stay. Sure, because the transport system is so good, even if you are not in the best area, you can hop on a subway and be somewhere quickly as its shown in Tokyo area map.
The Tokyo Station/Marunouchi area is not only Tokyo main transport hub as its mentioned in Tokyo area map, it is a great place to stay. In fact, I am tempted to rate this as the best place to stay in the city. It is a very close second. And, the area is literally awash with restaurants. Nearby, you have got the Imperial Palace and adjoining parks. And, best of all, the streets around here (especially in Marunouchi) are broad and pleasant.
Ebisu and Meguro are two small urban hubs on the southwest side of the Yamanote Line as you can seein Tokyo area map. Daikanyama is a small hub just west of Ebisu. These three areas are considered the most desirable places to live by Tokyo fashionable and wealthy elite. There are a few hotels in these Tokyo areas that allow you to enjoy the things that locals love: great cafes, hip restaurants and bars, boutique shopping, and pleasant strolling on attractive streets.