Tokyo districts map

Map of Tokyo districts. Tokyo districts map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Tokyo districts map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Tokyo consists of about 14 urban hubs, each of which is like a small city. Each of these districts have its sights to help you plan your trip. In the Tokyo districts map you will find all of the Tokyo districts of interest to travelers. It starts with the Tokyo Station and Marunouchi Area and then work out from there. Each main Tokyo district contain full lists of sights, hotels, restaurants, shops and nightlife.

Map of Tokyo districts

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The city of Tokyo has twenty-three wards, and each ward is made up of several districts as its mentioned in Tokyo districts map. When you are planning your daily adventures, you will want to figure out which Tokyo wards have interesting districts, and then map out your route. Asakusa has a fascinating history. If you are planning to do any walking tours, this is the place to do it. With a rich history of kabuki theaters and red light districts, you can spend hours wandering around and taking it all in.
Choosing the best Tokyo districts is not an easy task. The Japanese capital is huge with over 8 million people just within the city boundaries. Navigating this gigantic metropolis might seem overwhelming, let alone deciding where to stay or what to do because the options are literally endless. Since Tokyo has a superb public transportation that connects major parts of the city, staying in a district around a metro station will save you a ton of time and help to get around quickly. The Tokyo districts map will tell you where most fun and entertaining places are located.