Ginza line map

Tokyo metro Ginza line map. Ginza line map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Ginza line map (Kantō - Japan) to download. The Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (東京地下鉄銀座線 Tōkyō Chikatetsu Ginza-sen) is a subway line located in Tokyo, Japan. Ginza line is part of the of Tokyo Metro network. The official name is Line 3 Ginza Line (3号線銀座線 3-gōsen Ginza-sen) as its shown in Ginza line map. It is 14.3 km long and serves the wards of Shibuya, Minato, Chūō, Chiyoda, and Taitō. On maps, diagrams and signboards, the Ginza line is shown using the color orange, and its stations are given numbers using the letter G.

Tokyo metro Ginza line map

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The Ginza Line was conceived by a businessman named Noritsugu Hayakawa (早川徳次?), who visited London in 1914, saw the London Underground and concluded that Tokyo needed its own underground railway (see Ginza line map). He founded the Tokyo Underground Railway (東京地下鉄道 Tōkyō Chika Tetsudō) in 1920, and began construction in 1925.
Almost all Ginza Line trains operate on the line full length from Asakusa to Shibuya as its mentioned in Ginza line map. However, two trains depart in the early morning from Toranomon, and some late-night trains from Shibuya are taken out of service at Ueno. On weekdays, Ginza line trains run every two minutes in the morning peak, every 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the evening peak, and every 3 minutes during the daytime. The first Ginza line trains start from Shibuya and Asakusa at 05:01, and the last ones reach Shibuya at 00:37, and Asakusa at 00:39.