Toei subway map

Toei line map. Toei subway map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Toei subway map (Kantō - Japan) to download. The Toei Subway (都営地下鉄 Toei chikatetsu?) lines were originally licensed to the Teito Rapid Transit Authority (the predecessor of Tokyo Metro) but were constructed by the Tokyo metropolitan government following transfers of the licenses for each line as its shown in Toei subway map. The Toei subway has run at a financial loss for most of its history due to high construction expenses, particularly for the Oedo Line. However, Toei subway reported its first net profit of ¥3.13bn in FY 2006.
Tokyo Metro and Toei subway form completely separate networks. While users of prepaid rail passes can freely interchange between the two networks, regular ticket holders must purchase a second ticket, or a special transfer ticket, to change from a Toei subway line to a Tokyo Metro line and vice versa as its mentioned in Toei subway map. The sole exception is on the segment of the Toei Mita Line between Meguro and Shirokane-Takanawa, where the platforms are shared with the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and it is therefore possible to change between the networks without passing through a ticket gate
The different gauges of the Toei subway lines arose in part due to the need to accommodate through services with private suburban railway lines. In addition to the subways, Toei also operates the Toden Arakawa Line streetcar, the Ueno Zoo Monorail, and the Nippori-Toneri Liner automated guideway transit as you can see in Toei subway map. Toei operates local bus service in central Tokyo, generally to fill in the gaps unserved by the Tokyo Metro and Toei subway network.