Sophia university campus map

Map of Sophia university campus. Sophia university campus map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Sophia university campus map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Sophia University Campus (上智大学 Jōchi Daigaku?) is a private university in Japan, with its main campus located near Yotsuya station, in an area of Tokyo Chiyoda Ward in Japan as its shown in Sophia university campus map. Sophia university campus is one of the leading Japanese universities and is well known for its international climate. It takes its name from the Greek Sophia meaning "wisdom." The Japanese name, Jōchi Daigaku literally means "University of Higher Wisdom." Sophia university campus was founded by Jesuits in 1913. It was the first university in Japan that fulfilled the hopes of St. Francis Xavier, who came to Japan in 1549 to spread Christianity.

Map of Sophia university campus

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Sophia university main campus, at Yotsuya, is an urban campus, consisting of roughly 25 large, modern buildings in the center of Tokyo as its mentioned in Sophia university campus map. The majority of Sophia university campus 10,000 undergraduate students spend nearly all of their time here. The Faculties of Humanities, Law, Foreign Studies, Economics, Liberal Arts, and Science and Technology have their home here, as do the main library, cafeteria, gymnasium, chapel, bookstore, and offices. Sophia university campus was ranked 61st in 2010 (84th in 2009, 37th in 2008) in the ranking Truly Strong Universities by Toyo Keizai.