Tokyo bay map

Map of Tokyo bay. Tokyo bay map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Tokyo bay map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Tokyo Bay (東京湾 Tōkyō-wan?) is a bay in the southern Kantō region of Japan as its shown in Tokyo bay map. Tokyo bay old name was Edo Bay (江戸湾 Edo-wan?). Tokyo Bay was once a major source of fish. Presently, most of Tokyo fish production comes from the outer islands, such as Izu Ōshima and Hachijōjima. Skipjack tuna, nori, and aji are among the ocean products. Tourism in Tokyo is also a contributor to the economy.
Tokyo Bay is surrounded by the Bōsō Peninsula (Chiba Prefecture) to the east and the Miura Peninsula (Kanagawa Prefecture) to the west as its mentioned in Tokyo bay map. In a narrow sense, Tokyo Bay is the area north of the straight line formed by the Cape Kannon (観音崎 Kannon-zaki?) on the Miura Peninsula on one end and Cape Futtsu (富津岬 Futtsu-misaki?) on the Boso Peninsula on the other end. Tokyo bay area covers about 922 km². Tokyo Bay in a broad sense includes also the Uraga Channel. The total area would then be 1320 km².