JR Tokyo map english

Tokyo JR line map english. JR Tokyo map english (Kantō - Japan) to print. JR Tokyo map english (Kantō - Japan) to download. The national company Japan Rail, more precisely JR East in this case, manages Tokyo only public network (or more precisely a mixed economy network, because it is subsidized). JR Tokyo operates only trains, both outdoor and subway, but no subway as its shown in JR Tokyo map english. Tourists know it mainly for its circular Yamanote or its Chuo/Sobu crossings, but JR Tokyo has 36 lines in total, each marked by a name and its associated color.

Tokyo JR line map english

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JR Tokyo runs many commuter trains, which connect the heart of the city with its more or less close surroundings as its mentioned in JR Tokyo map english. Different speed levels are offered at the JR Tokyo same fare: from "local" (omnibus) to "rapid-express", which correspond to the number of stops made. So make sure that the stop you are going to is served by the train on the line you want to take.