Keisei line map

Map of Keisei line. Keisei line map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Keisei line map (Kantō - Japan) to download. The Keisei Main Line (京成本線 Keisei Honsen) is a railway line of Japanese private railway company Keisei Electric Railway between Tokyo and Narita, Japan as its shown in Keisei line map. Keisei line is the main line of Keisei railway network. Built as an interurban between Tokyo and Narita in early 20th century, the Keisei line has served as a main access route to Narita International Airport since 1978. Keisei line also serves major cities along the line such as Funabashi, Narashino and Sakura. In 2010, the Narita Sky Access opened as a bypass of the line so that the role of the main line in the airport access has been reduced.
The airport access train connecting Keisei line Ueno and Narita Airport runs on the Main Line between Keisei Ueno and Keisei Takasago. Between Keisei Takasago and Narita Airport, it runs on the Narita Sky Access Line as its mentioned in Keisei line map. Fee of 2,400 yen (1,200 base fare + 1,200 express surcharge) from Keisei Ueno or Nippori to Narita Airport, runs the entire length of the route in 44 minutes (36 minutes from Nippori to Airport Terminal 2). All trains call at Keisei Ueno, Nippori, Airport Terminal 2 and Narita Airport.
The Keisei Main Line is a railway line that runs between Keisei Ueno Station in Tokyo and Narita Airport as you can see in Keisei line map. The Keisei line connects Tokyo with several cities in Chiba Prefecture. The Keisei line is operated by the private railway company Keisei Electric Railway, so it is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass. At Keisei Ueno Station trains depart from platforms 1, 2, 3 and 4.