Ginza shopping map

Ginza shopping district map. Ginza shopping map (Kantō - Japan) to print. Ginza shopping map (Kantō - Japan) to download. Ginza is Tokyo busiest shopping area and is as iconic as Times Square in New York, and much older: Ginza been the commercial center of the country for centuries, and is where five ancient roads connecting Japan major cities all met. Lined by exclusive shops and imposing palatial stores, the Ginza district is also fun to simply wander around or, better still, sit in one of its many tea and coffee shops or restaurants while watching the world rush past as its shown in Ginza shopping map.

Ginza shopping district map

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At Ginza Kabukiza you can enjoy watching kabuki, one of Japan traditional performing arts as its mentioned in Ginza shopping map. The theater was built in1889 and has since undergone four renovations. Ginza continues to charm and fascinate all who visit. Kobikicho Square, a shopping area with souvenirs and gifts, is located on the second basement level. All visitors can enter and shop here, even those not planning to see a performance. There is a full range of shops with something for everyone.
The shopping and stomping grounds of the wealthy since the early part of the 1900, Ginza has lost a little of its luster as the locus of the city has moved west towards Shinjuku, Shibuya, and beyond as you can see in Ginza shopping map. However Ginza is still home to high-end stores catering to the Gold Card-carrying crowd including the multi-storey Matsuzakaya and Mitsukoshi department stores.